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Why holistic?

The foundation of what Cote Royd Dental Care do.

What do we mean by holistic? 

Holistic dental care and indeed holistic health care means different things to different people and professionals. Here at Cote Royd Dental Care we see the mouth as a gateway to the rest of the body. We know and acknowledge that dental care can significantly influence the general health of an individual, influencing biochemical, structural and emotional aspects of general health. Holistic care was often seen as practices without substance, non-scientific, even harmful, but recently scientific research and understanding is now explaining how these once seemed ‘alternative’ treatments, practices and beliefs are now correct practices, certainly if we are concerned about the health of our patients. There is still plenty of debate about what science do you want to believe, but we are excited about and embrace the fact that holistic now seems to be the new science. 

Our understanding and direction for holistic care here at Cote Royd Dental Care is divided into three main categories.

1. Materials 

We will only use materials that are appropriate for the dental care we offer. The materials we use, we believe are the safest and most bio compatible currently known. We also look to use techniques that are safe and scientifically proven to reduce contamination when removing potentially harmful dental materials from the body. Dental materials can be directly toxic to the body or they can create stresses to the body. This stress in the body and can lead to increase in inflammation, again, contributes to a less than optimal general health. By discussing options in materials, offering testing for materials, we try and create a most holistic approach to the materials we use.

2. Infections

The second aspect is infections, and it is now accepted that infections in the mouth can lead to other health effects. Whether the infections are in the gums or the roots of the teeth, or in the sinuses, we will give you choices and options on how they are treated, whether locally or on referral, and give you options on how each of them can be remedied.

3. Function

Finally, function. This isn’t just how the teeth fit together and move over each other. It is how the jaw joint works and how the muscle works to get the teeth to fit together, and how inappropriate jaw joint function, known as TMJ, causes twisting of the jaws, which then may lead to whole body disfunction due to poorly fitting teeth. Of increasing significance is how the mouth, teeth, and the jaws influence how we breathe, how we swallow, how we talk, and how we sleep. The developing science of airway dentistry, where we know that the mouth can influence the eight hours a night when we’re asleep, more importance has to be attached to the function than ever before. Our approach is appropriate for new-born babies to adults with no teeth, with our goal of improving dental and general health with a holistic understanding. We observe how the teeth, lips, tongue cheeks and jaw joint work. We understand how they can influence the shape of the mouth, how the teeth fit together and function and how the mouth controls many of the body’s functions such as breathing and sleeping.

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