Advanced technology

3D dental CT scanning facility - Referrals welcome

We are fortunate to have a 3D dental cone beam CT scanner at Cote Royd Dental Care. As well as serving our own patient base, we are pleased to offer the facilities of this scanner to other dentist in the area through our referral service.

This scanner produces 3D images for crowns, implant options and teeth straightening. They enable dentists to accurately plan treatment, examining images produced by the CT scanner from any direction.

3D dental CBCT scans are essential for the accurate placement of dental implants. CBCT scans measure the depth, width and density of the jaw bone, and more importantly the depth of bone in the proximity of nerve canals and sinus cavities in a 3D view to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Using a 3D dental CBCT scanner for the placement of implants reduces risk and saves time due to fewer visits being required.

We also provide the following advanced technology for our patients:

  • PRGF biological tissue rebuilding
  • Joint vibrational analysis
  • Smart protocol for dental mercury amalgam removal 

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